If you have children, you’ve probably told them many times to stay away from electrical receptacles, but this isn’t always enough. When a young child sees you using the receptacles, they are very likely to want to try it out for themselves. This is why many parents have chosen to protect their children by using plastic covers or something similar, but unfortunately, a persistent child can pry these off exposing themselves to danger. A more reliable solution is to install tamper-resistant receptacles.

While this will involve more work and a higher cost, having peace of mind as a parent is more than paying for it.

So what is a tamper-resistant receptacle? Put simply, it is a receptacle that mechanically prevents anything from entering the receptacle unless it is inserted with equal force on both sides. This should prevent even the most persistent children from hurting themselves. Of course, nothing beats the watching eye of a parent, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little help on the way.

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